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Applying for a utility model in Germany

In a nutshell

We have compiled the most important information in the tips for your utility model application.

You can file a utility model application both in paper form and in electronic form with the DPMA.
Please use application form G 6003 (Antrag auf Eintragung eines Gebrauchsmusters) for paper filing. The “Information for Utility Model Applicants” leaflet contains details about filling in the form and about the formal requirements of the annexes.

You can also file a utility model application online with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. This requires a signature card with the corresponding card reader. Furthermore, you need a special software, which is available free of charge through the DPMA. You will find all information about e-filing on the DPMAdirektPro pages.

Applying for a utility model in Germany

The most important links concerning utility model application

You must furnish a description of the invention and the claims together with the request. Drawings are required if the claims or the description refer to the drawings.
Please make sure that you present your invention in a sufficiently clear and complete manner. Only the matter contained in the application documents on the date of filing may be redrafted and adjusted to the provisions of utility model law in the course of the registration procedure. It is not admissible in any case to subsequently add technical features relevant to the invention. Such an inadmissible addition might constitute a reason for post-registration cancellation of a utility model.

Where can I file a utility model application?

Please forward the application with the corresponding annexes to the mailing address of the DPMA. You can also hand in your application in person at the DPMA offices in Munich, Jena and Berlin. Some patent information centres accept utility model applications and transmit them to the DPMA.


Last updated: 20 October 2020