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Complying with formal requirements makes processing faster...

In a nutshell

We have compiled the most important information in the Tips for your trademark application.

... and that way you will contribute to the speedy handling of your trade mark application. Our information sheet in German pdf-Datei So tragen Sie zu einer zügigen Bearbeitung Ihrer Markenanmeldung bei will tell you how.

In addition, you have the option, for all filing routes, to file a request for accelerated examination: then the processing of your application will be given priority. If the trade mark application is in due form and the trade mark is eligible for protection, it can be registered after a few working days, but, a the latest, within six months after filing the application. In any case, a decision on an accelerated application must be taken within six months of filing the application, provided that the applicant has cooperated appropriately. Please note that a fee of 200 euros must be paid for accelerated examination.

If you intend to have your application registered also internationally as international registration of a mark, the request for accelerated examination might be of particular interest to you.

Three ways to apply for a trade mark

  • DPMAdirektWeb - the fast way to online filing with shopping cart function for goods and services (available in German only)
    In a few steps we guide you through the web application allowing you to apply for your trade mark in a fast and low-cost way, without investing much time and effort.
  • DPMAdirektPro - electronic application with signature card
    If you choose this filing option, you need our free special software, a qualified signature card and a card reader.
  • paper-based application with the forms for a national trade mark application


Last updated: 10 July 2024