Social Media

Why is the DPMA active on social media channels?

Nowadays, social networks are important tools of modern public relations. We want to provide you with information on current news, job vacancies, tutorials, events and publications on the social networks and give you an insight into the work of the DPMA.

What is the benefit for you?

In addition to the latest service news for you, we look forward to a mutual exchange of ideas! Please join the discussions. However, we ask you to follow our netiquette guidelines and to communicate with others in a responsible and respectful way.


The DPMA is active on the recruiting and business platforms LinkedIn and XING as well as on the employer rating platform kununu. Alongside other federal government authorities, the DPMA uses these platforms to promote the office as an attractive employer, to post news and to recruit staff.


Follow the DPMA on

As part of the social media strategy, further social media channels are planned for the DPMA. These include Twitter and YouTube.

How can you participate?

Follow the DPMA on the channels and you will always be up to date. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!
You can also contact the social media editorial team at:

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Last updated: 27 March 2023