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The interface for the official register


Phone: +49 89 2195-2513

DPMAconnectPlus offers you direct online access to all official register and publication data from DPMAregister through an automated interface. The query options correspond to the expert search via DPMAregister.
On its help pages, you will find an overview of the scope of data available in the DPMAregister.

DPMAconnectPlus allows you to access all register data on the following IP rights:

  • patents and utility models
  • trade marks
  • designs

We update register data daily, publication data weekly, for patents and utility models usually every Thursday, and for trade marks and designs usually every Friday.

DPMAconnectPlus also offers you the opportunity to download patent and utility model documents from the DEPATIS document archive through a standard interface. Via DPMAconnectPlus you can retrieve facsimiles of DE, DD, EP and WO documents in PDF and TIFF format, with an additional option to view their bibliographic data. Data from the current week of publication can generally be retrieved from midnight on the day of publication.

As an additional service we provide you weekly with the current data and documents of the German intellectual property rights in the form of data packages. The data packages are posted on the respective official publication day, patent and utility model data usually on Thursdays, trademark and design data on Fridays.

An overview of available data:
Patents and utility models Delivery schedule Data format Kind codes
Data from DPMAregister
(bibliographic data, information on legal status, data updates and corrections to the register)
weekly XML A, B, C, T, U
Complete texts
(front page, summary, claims, description, drawings)
weekly XML A, T1, T5, T8, T9
B, C
T2-T4, T8, T9
Complete texts
(front page, summary, claims, description, drawings)
weekly PDF A, T1, T5, T8, T9
B, C
T2-T4, T8, T9
Documents cited by the applicant weekly XML A, U
Trade marks Procedural stage Delivery schedule Data format
Bibliographic data, images Trade marks applied for weekly XML, JPG
Bibliographic data, images Registered trade marks, geographical indications and designations of origin weekly XML, JPG
Bibliographic data, images Trade marks incapable of registration weekly XML, JPG
Designs Procedural stage Delivery schedule Data format
Bibliographic data Registered designs weekly XML
Images Trade marks incapable of registration weekly JPG

Technical requirements

DPMAconnectPlus provides an SSL encrypted, REST based interface for Web Service Clients and allows you to set up your own client implementation. Following the conclusion of an agreement, we will create an account for you with a username and a password of your choice.

Contractual agreement and fees

A standard agreement with the DPMA which regulates users' rights and obligations, and their reasons for use of the data, must be concluded in order to access the data.

For the connection to the interface we charge a one-time connection fee of 200.00 Euro. Data retrieval from DPMAregister and the document archive DEPATIS is free of charge. The delivery of weekly publications on patents and utility models, trademarks and designs in the form of data packages is carried out against payment of the provision costs.The costs of the individual data packages can be found in annex 1 of the standard agreement.

For data protection reasons, the DPMA may share its data only for certain specific purposes. You can indicate the intended purpose in paragraph 3 of the agreement. We have pre-formulated two options for use marked a) and b) that you may tick. These rights of use already meet data protection requirements.
In the blank text fields c) and d) you can adjust the possible use to your specific needs. If you wish to use the blank text fields, please give as much information as possible, as your entry will be checked by the DPMA for data protection purposes.

Please send the agreement together with the annexes in duplicate to:
Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
Referat 2.1.2 - Kundenservice
80297 München, Germany

Please also note that both copies of the agreement and the annexes must have a legally valid original signature.


Last updated: 7 March 2024