Mailing addresses and fax numbers

As we receive very many postal items every day, we have special postal codes assigned to recipients of large volumes of mail. It is not necessary to specify the street and number, because the addressees are sufficiently identified by specifying the postal code and city/town.

If your fax does not go through (abort or error message), we give you the following help:

  • Use a "Group 3" fax.
  • Limit the transmission speed to 9,600 bit/s.
    • Attention, this will make the transmission take longer! If possible, start the fax transmission at a time that is outside the usual peak hours.
  • Use a cable that is as short as possible between the fax machine and the telephone system or avoid proximity to sources of interference (e.g. power cables).
  • Make sure that the fax transmission is done with the voice codec G.711.
    • Compressing or HD codecs (G.729, Opus, G.722) lead to errors in the transmission due to distortion of the signal.
    • T.38 is not yet supported by the DPMA's PBX. Please make sure that your T.38 fallback works or deactivate T.38 as a test if necessary.
  • Change the Error Correction Mode (ECM) of your fax machine to "off" or "on".
  • Change the setting of the port of your telephone system to which the fax machine is connected from "Fax" to "Telephone".
  • Additionally, switching off other special settings on your telephone system (e.g. voice pause detection or echo suppression) can also increase the success rate for fax transmissions.

Mailing address Fax number Communications
Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
80297 München
+49 89 2195-2221 Applications for patents and utility models
plus communications concerning pending procedures
enquiries and other
Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
80297 München
+49 89 2195-4000 Trade mark applications and communications for pending trade mark procedures
Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
80297 München
Design applications and submissions to existing design processes by mail
+49 3641 40-5800 Communications for pending design procedures
(It is not admissible to file design applications and representations by fax.)
Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
Informations- und Dienstleistungszentrum Berlin
10958 Berlin
+49 30 25992-404 General enquiries and other

Last updated: 11 January 2024