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Seventeen patent information centres all over Germany provide comprehensive information on industrial property protection. For many years these patent information centres have been recognised cooperation partners of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and regional points of contact for giving guidance on questions about the protection of innovation. They assist industry, science and startups in identifying, using, monitoring and managing their patents, utility models, trade marks and designs as well as in avoiding infringement of third party rights.

As all-round providers of services in the field of industrial property protection, the patent information centres further raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property and IP information among enterprises and research institutions in their regions and therefore are important stakesholders in the German innovation landscape.

Against this background, cooperation between the DPMA and the patent information centres is geared towards the many diverse demands placed by industry on modern service providers in the field of industrial property protection. This cooperation is based on a cooperation agreement including corresponding criteria ( pdf-Datei Kriterien für die Zusammenarbeit des DPMA mit regionalen Kooperationspartnern), laying down the services to be provided by the patent information centres within the framework of cooperation with the DPMA.

Of particular interest for SMEs

Map of Patent Information Centres in Germany

Patent Information Centres in Germany

Intellectual property and questions on IP rights are often a matter of trust. Therefore, it is not surprising that, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), above all, prefer personal contact with local advisors - also in times of widespread information resources and anonymous online portals on the Internet.
The offices of the DPMA in Berlin, Munich and Jena provide an appropriate secure framework with the information service and assisted search facilities. In other places, the patent information centres have been performing this role reliably for decades. They do not only offer a comprehensive range of information and services relating to industrial property rights but also assist you to conduct search in electronic databases of the DPMA.

The patent information centres offer extensive information and literature on IP rights and provide access to electronic databases and the relevant support programmes.

The following services for patents, utility models, trade marks and designs are offered by the patent information centres:

  • general information, particularly on the application procedures for IP rights and indiviudal research support
  • organisation of free initial consultations for inventors provided by patent attorneys
  • commissioned searches and information management on novelty, state of the art, legal status and infringement, etc.
  • events, training courses and seminars about a variety of topics relating to intellectual property protection
  • strategic patent advice (e.g. patent management advice, patent portfolio analysis, patent assessment and patent exploitation)

Furthermore, some centres accept IP applications for the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. The range of services of each individual patent information centre is shown on the website of the respective centre.

Regional patent information centres in Germany

Do you look for a patent information centre in your vicinity? On the website of the externer Link Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Patentinformationszentren you will find a list of all patent information centres in Germany and their contact details.

Not sure which documents may be submitted at the patent information centres?

The pdf-Datei Mitteilung des Präsidenten 04/06 (Notification by the President 04/06) provides detailed information (in German) about filing documents at patent information centres.

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Last updated: 17 April 2024